26David Armano, Executive Vice-President of global innovation and integration of the international public relations firm Edelman, in his article "the Future: mobile and mobility" talks about what companies can fall into the trap of focusing on mobile devices and not on the notion of mobility as such.

While the world is trying to adapt to a changing economic reality, mobile phones are becoming more luxurious.

It is expected that before the end of the month, Facebook will announce its unique targeted advertising model. amazon is negotiating with the Chinese manufacturer Fox Conn to create their own mobile devices, which will serve as a worthy addition to the impressive digital ecosystem goods and services amazon. China stole U.S. the palm in the global smartphone market with more than 1 billion subscribers and 400 million users of mobile Internet. Projected consulting Agency IDC, 2014 will be downloaded more than 76 billion mobile applications that will allow already in the same year to increase revenue in sales of software applications to 35 billion In the not too distant future mobile business will acquire a Grand scale.

However, it is expected "blood", because the world of business will cover the mobile gold rush.

This scenario we have seen before. In the early history of the Internet is web sites has added fuel to the fire of the gold rush – until such time as the company is not aware that the maintenance of the website, generating a real income, much more difficult than running any day. The same story is seen in social networks: to run something on Facebook, Twitter or pinterest is easy, but to create long-term viable project very difficult. The same fate will be “mobile fever", if the company should prefer the means to the goals, i.e. lose its behavioral implications. In other words, it’s not the mobile phone itself, the thing in understanding mobility.

At the beginning of the digital era it is important to understand that the main behavioral motive their desire to obtain quick access to information and the convenience that came together with digital operations. With the advent of the era of social media, the motives have remained the same, plus added the possibility of socialization. Mobility means the possibility of constant and easy access to information and communication, and offers a number of different devices with any screen size.

Mobility is fundamentally different from the principle of stationary “desktop”. In some cases, mobility – it is an opportunity to have fun, for example, when you are riding in the train and watch the video. In other cases, it may be possible to solve some problems, for example, to buy gifts in the Park during lunch break. In any case, this is the freedom that you get, no matter whether you somewhere or standing in line, perusing the news headlines or photos from friends.

The principle of mobility far beyond the capabilities of the mobile device. The difference between them is the same as between a computer and software. The mobile phone is connected with other devices – it is always one subject, wherever he was. Mobility is changeable and depends on the context: in different cultures mobile technologies are used in different ways. For example, in Africa SMS technology allows farmers to pay the bills. In America she helps teenagers communicate with their friends – on average 60 times a day. Itself mobile – it’s nuts, bolts, and infrastructure, while mobility – it is the context that determines whether all together or not.

In order to avoid "bloodshed" in the world of mobile devices, it is necessary to study the past of the Internet, considering both digital and social component. Before to increase investment in the production of mobile phones, try to better understand the nature of mobility and mobile behavior. Don’t be tempted too much faith in the guru; if you hire a guru, it can lead your organization too far. Many organizations that have resorted to “social media guru", passed through this bitter experience. One person cannot change the scale. However, if the organization wants to achieve really significant results, when taken separately, a smart person can help to form the "centre of excellence". The creation of such a center, where mobility is at the forefront and integrates with other business initiatives, helps to develop strategic business thinking in the field of mobile technology.

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