29Wall Street is not discouraged – 3rd consecutive month of positive balance.

Last day of the month on the new York stock exchange ended with growth: index Dow Jones has grown to a record 16.580 paragraph, indices Nasdaq and S&P500 gained 0.28% and 0.3% respectively.

The American economy is considerably enlivened: consumer spending, which is considered the main source of the movement of economic indicators in the U.S. rose in the first quarter by 3% in the private sector in April appeared 220 thousand new jobs, although the forecast was supposed to be 10% less.

The unemployment rate is thus decreased to 6.6%.

Worth Twitter to announce the decrease of growth rates of 30% in the 1st quarter of last year to 25% in 2014, as the company’s shares fell by 9%.

The price of eBay shares fell 5% after the company made the forecast revenues in the 1st quarter may be reduced.

What is happening in Europe?

Net profit of Deutsche Bank in the first quarter fell to $1.5 billion, but, nevertheless, surpassed analysts ‘ expectations.

British prosecutors brought criminal charges against three former Barclays employees (two of whom are American), accused of manipulating the LIBOR rates. And the company’s shares declined slightly.

The European banking authority revealed details of the upcoming stress tests of Eurozone banks. But these details are carefully hidden.

Bank of Beijing (China) plans to hold an IPO at $4.2 billion, which would be the largest in four years for the Hong Kong exchange.

‘s largest Bank, Spain’s Santander plans to acquire the remaining 25% of its Brazilian unit. The value of the transaction, expected to amount to 4.7 billion euros.

Because of an error in the reporting of Bank of America was forced to temporarily abandon plans to repurchase shares and increase dividends. Obvious mistake – and shares in the Bank in one day fell by 6.3%.

A survey of Global RiskMonitor showed in 2014-2015 institutional investors plan to sell government bonds of developed countries due to the risk of rising interest rates.

The volume is not reported.

The consortium Sunlot rescuing bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, has enlisted the support of reputable lenders from the USA, Canada and Europe.

Investors in 2014 began to return to the commodity markets contributed to growth volatility, high profitability of investment and reduced correlation with other asset classes.

The crisis – and for several years the company did not make any large-scale mergers and acquisitions.

But now this period is over – merge (pharmaceutical companies and others) – thanks to the growth of stock markets and the recovery of the economies of Europe and the USA.

Energy occupies a prominent place buy energy assets of Alstom.

The pretenders – CEO of GE and Siemens, met with the President of France, to unblock a threat to the deal to buy the energy assets of Alstom.

Each of them tried to convince the President offer his company’s more than meets the interests of France.

Understand them and the President? Not reported.

Siemens in respect of the Alstom – bad reputation 10 years ago, when Alstom was on the brink of collapse, and Siemens wanted to buy it, the German company was presented as a predator seeking to devour.

Quarterly profit Norwegian oil company Statoil has surpassed all expectations – she does what high gas prices in the U.S. due to the unusually cold winter.

Today it insistently knocking on the door of his native Europe, offering her the gas. Price? Not reported, but we can safely say – in Statoil great marketing.

Net profit Eni in the first quarter, as expected, decreased by 14% – winter in Europe was warm.

Net profit of oil and gas company British Petroleum in the first quarter declined to $3.53 billion.

The company is still unable to overcome the consequences of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

But there is also some progress – in particular, British Petroleum (with Shell) has signed two long-term contract with Kuwait petroleum Corporation Kuwait Petroleum Corporation.

The plans – annual purchase of 2.5 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas within 5 years with the possibility of prolongation for another year.

Interesting news coming from the real estate market.

Turkey has softened conditions for the purchase of real estate by foreigners. Took advantage of rich Afghans who purchase property in Turkey in search of a safe haven abroad, in case the situation in the country again aggravated.

Vanke is the largest by revenue, the developer of China, announced that its profit in the first quarter decreased by 32% compared with a year earlier.

This is the first since 2002, the decline in quarterly profit company.

Nanning became one of the first Chinese cities that softened the terms of the purchase of housing.

The Chinese authorities are trying to revive the sluggish real estate market.

Finally, the Corporation Grosvernor Group decided to withdraw from the luxury real estate market of London, as fears of a bubble.

The good news came from Russia: by the end of 2013, the revenues of the United aircraft Corporation, which unites the largest aircraft companies in Russia, has increased by one third and amounted to 6.2 billion dollars.

The reason is the increase in aircraft sales: in 2013, the Corporation sold 111 aircraft – on 17 units more than in 2012.

In particular, almost 2 times (up to 25 units) increased the production of Sukhoi Superjet 100 aircraft .

However, according to the report of the company’s net loss increased almost in 2 times, amounting to USD 350 million.

As of early 2014, the portfolio of firm orders amounted to 653 aircraft – 278 civil, 311 – military and other.

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