7Etiquette: business etiquette – the basics of success!

Good day, readers of my blog. Today we will talk about the rules of etiquette. Most of my articles are devoted to the business category, I give advice to budding entrepreneurs. talk about major errors start-up, conduct a special category of “business Rules: tips millionaires”. where each of You can find best quotes, thoughts and sayings of the successful businessmen of the past and present.

Don’t come without a call

The first rule of business etiquette is to never come to visit without calling. Even if this is Your best friend, relative or a close business partner. You must warn the person for a few hours, so he could plan accordingly and be ready to meet You. If You visited without warning, according to the rules of etiquette, you can meet a guest in your home clothes, even in Slippers with dogs and boxer shorts.

How to dry your umbrella?

The second rule of etiquette applies to the umbrella. Many of us are used to dry the umbrella in the opened state, but it is permissible only at home. Remember that if you are at a party, came to the office or a business meeting, never dry umbrella in opened state. It should be placed in a special stand, or to hang in assembled form.

Bag place

Business etiquette says that the bag is forbidden to put on your lap or on your chair. A small evening bag or clutches, you can put on the table, a big, bulky bag you can hang on the back of a chair, or put neatly on the floor beside him. In good and expensive restaurants You should fill in a special chair for bags, if you do not, then ask, thus highlighting his mannerisms and etiquette.

Remember another rule, the portfolio must put on the floor, regardless of its size.

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