15Serious mobility for serious business and See the bigger picture with BlackBerry

For anybody not a secret that BlackBerry is currently most focused on what would make mobile professionals the most productive. And the new device — BlackBerry Passport with the new size and form factor, designed to do just that. Watch two new videos from BlackBerry!

In an increasingly complex, competitive and stressful world of business, which changes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, one thing is certain — winning those who, thanks to technology is not in place.

The concept of working on a wide display BlackBerry Passport that would be able to consider and do more on your mobile device. Large square touchscreen display and QWERTY BlackBerry Passport keyboard with touchscreen features combine to create a device which is intended for generation and consumption of content. For those moments when the professionals in the business should operate, this device will give them the opportunity to perform their task.

«You must not only be able to see the big picture, but to understand it at a glance, to make an important decision, we have to move beyond a narrow view of the world and look at him with wide».

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