5The Declaration imputed income is the main document reporting for special regimes UTII.

A Declaration form changes are periodically made to effect periodic amendments to the legislative framework.

In 2014, the surrender and the Declaration imputed income will be changed.

And so from this moment let’s look at a little more detail:

A Declaration form UTII 2014

Periods and forms of delivery of declarations UTII 2014

First quarter and second quarter of 2014 to submit reports will be like in 2013 on the Declaration form KND 1152016. In 2015 entered into force a new tax return form UTII.

The second half introduces a new form of Declaration UTII, currently it is in development.

As soon as she appears I’ll post it on the website.

The reason for the introduction of a new form is to be adjusted, NC.

Now the tax calculation imputed income is not from the beginning of the month, and for the number of days which is actually operate (because there are months when the businessman got up or withdrew from the accounting UTII).

Also changes the order of decreasing tax imputed income for entrepreneurs and organizations.

Even in the new Declaration form 2014 will change OCTO (all-Russian Classifier of Municipal Territories).

The situation is such that from 2014 must include OCTO even in the old Declaration, see instructions here.

Otherwise, no further changes are anticipated.

As for the taxation of imputed income from all remains of the old, as well as in 2013. Here you can read more in the article at the link.

How to calculate the tax UTII read here .

You may have any questions you can always ask in the comments. Usually I answer pretty quickly.

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