22New products in the market of Bank deposits

Today, the Bank card has not only the adult working population, but even students and pensioners. Coming on the market as part of salary projects, they gradually won the sympathy of the majority of Russians, who now have multiple cards from different banks. On a plastic card, you can store your cash without the risk of robbery, and can even slowly accumulate capital, to use it for payment of utility bills and purchases in online stores.

But banks offer not only excellent service, and favorable Deposit program. For example, as we learned from the survey conducted by the National Agency for financial studies, with the arrival of spring deposits became the most popular banking product.

Depositors in banks markedly increased in Deposit programs have invested more than 15% of respondents, but term deposits issued about 14% of respondents. This is respectively 4% and 6% more than last year. Regarding the increase in the number of Bank card holders, the share of payroll cards is 44%, debit – 9%, while credit cards have 7% of respondents.

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