8Every employee of the company, and especially its leader must know the rules of business etiquette. In Western countries must absorb from early childhood, we even major bosses (particularly the elderly) occasionally can avoid mistakes. Especially inexcusable when they look foreign negotiations, although an experienced translator in Austria or other countries can correct the situation.

The main rule of business etiquette is strict adherence to the rules of ranks. Position the ladder is a priority in all situations. If in a civil etiquette man is always accompanied by a lady, in the business – helps subordinate to the head of the walk home, regardless of their sex.

Compliance with the rules of business etiquette is focused on successful execution of official tasks and creating the image of a successful, efficient worker, able to solve any problem – to create a creative design project, urgently to translate documents or write a comprehensive analytical review of the activities of the firm. Thus importance is given to the style of dress and demeanor. These factors create about a person’s first impression, which often depends on the job. They are also influencing the promotion.

Perhaps some will feel that such attention to the appearance too, because, in the end, the representatives of some professions, such as guide, translator, designer, or advertiser can everywhere to appear in jeans. However, following a certain dress code emphasizes your respect for your colleagues and partners, demonstrates your respect for the opinions of others. As regards the persons listed professions – jeans and sweaters, easy to work with, have become habitual to them form their hallmark.

However, business etiquette is not only a factor for career growth and making a positive interpersonal atmosphere in the firm. This is the most important indicator of corporate culture. Any client will prefer a company where employees are restrained and elegantly dressed, friendly and helpful to visitors, help each other and not fighting. Thus, it is a business etiquette and helps companies to gain the upper hand in the competition.

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