9NEW YORK, 15 Oct – RIA news, Larissa Saenko. Forbes magazine has named the ten names, whose word has the greatest weight in the business world, the list included three billionaire appearing in the ranking of the richest people in the world, six economists, and one journalist.

Among the most influential businessmen persona named President and CEO of the American company Apple 54-year-old Steve jobs (the fourth position in the overall ranking).

Manager, rumours about the health of which excite the stock markets, continues to lead his company to new heights, offering the market revolutionary products are conquering the world. The first appearance of Steve jobs at the public this fall after he suffered a unique operation for liver transplantation in the hall caused a standing ovation from the audience standing.

The richest man in the world, the founder of Microsoft bill gates. who last year retired from active management of the company and focused his efforts on philanthropy, was on the seventh line of the rating.

Gates was the youngest person in the world, independently earned the state billions of dollars in 31 years. Philanthropy adds credibility even to man, on account of which more than $ 40 billion, says Forbes. The richest man on the planet – not only a theorist, but a practitioner of “socially responsible capitalism”. The motto of the charity from the gates Foundation – “Every life has equal value”.

Another billionaire contained in the list of the most prominent thinkers of the business world, the founder of Virgin Group Richard Branson. A lover of extravagant PR proclaimed the era of mass space tourism, announcing himself as the champion of the “green” lifestyle and the willingness to invest in green technologies.

Branson invests millions of dollars in developing clean fuel for their gliders, which will speedily be brought into Earth orbit space tourists.

Economists who changed the world

On the first line of the rating business guru C. K. Prahalad, a University academic of the state of Michigan, have dedicated their works to the responsibility of business and its role in the fight against hunger and poverty in the world.

Behind him followed by the Nobel laureate and Princeton University Professor Paul Krugman who provide accurate economic forecasts in the troubled times of recession, as well as W. Chan Kim and Renee Oborn, academics, business school, European Institute of Business Administration, the authors of the economic bestseller “blue ocean Strategy”, on rethinking competitive business environment.

Among the most influential economists whose advice the business world appreciates their weight in gold, – Nobel peace prize 2006 Muhammad Yunus, who founded the “Bank for the poor” Grameen, Northwest University academic Philip Kotler, who wrote the “Bible” of marketing, and Gary Hamill, the author of several books, economic consultant and founder of the nonprofit Internet Mlab project, which aims to make the world more open markets.

In the list of gurus for the world of business, presented by economists and whales entrepreneurship, featured one representative of the journalist. This columnist of the New Yorker magazine 46-year-old canadian of Malcolm Gladwell. The expert community appreciated his three books and articles such as “words of wisdom”.

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