4You must have a good reputation. In

otherwise you either dislike,

or the unknown

What are people saying about you, is crucial. If you talk bad about you, it is a dislike, if you do not say is the unknown. But if you are often well they say it will bring success.

I feel enormous sympathy for the independent, direct, nepodkontrolny people, but I had to watch how many of those who possess such qualities, have failed in business because they had too many enemies. In the business world, people must please the public. He can’t afford to behave and talk as if he’s a lighthouse Keeper.

When a person cares about its interests, this does not mean that he is. should neglect tact and composure. Goodwill – public debt, as well as valuable business quality. You can be independent, defying their independence. No one can pass through the crowd exactly in a straight line.

Anyone, even the Prime Minister and dictator commits the folly of ignoring public opinion. Even a dictator must defend yourself empty awareness of the various promises. He is not only relying on threat and force. It is making significant efforts to form a favourable public opinion.

Even in a small quiet English town Yubei resident, ignoring the opinion of their fellow citizens, suffering, being ostracized. Any company, from the outset doomed to failure. Any man don’t like in society, rowing against the current. A strong tide of public opinion is directed against him.

Friendly attitude to the firm – as the sun or the rain for the garden. And ill – as frost or drought. No upgrading of equipment and capital reserves of the substation will ensure the reliability of a company that ignores, as it includes its employees and strangers.

We can say that there are four types of friendly relations to the firm that it must conquer to achieve maximum results. This is the friendly attitude of the employees, customers, bankers and depositors. If these four categories crowded speak well of the firm, then she acquires a good name, as well as profit. No one would >that’s true, but a huge number of businessmen ignore it. They do not teach properly puih people the ability to be polite. Although a lot has been said and written about the value of courtesy, rudeness there is still too many. Sir Francis Goodenough senior once told me: “No contact with the buyer should not leave unpleasant experience!” And yet every day of the year to thousands of customers applied psychological tram rude or indifferent salespeople. Is true that only a small portion of sellers ‘ customers are leaving happy. And this is one of the best tests to check the efficiency of trade.

Both in business and in any other sphere of activity is a very serious drawback is irritability. There are a number of men and even more women who, whatever they do, there are constantly irritable. This is a very serious disadvantage, because it reduces the productivity of their work and makes communication with them unpleasant. If they are asked during the work, they respond sharply: “Don’t you see I’m working?”

During operation, they are always “prickly” as Jerzy. Their colleagues have learned to beware of their sharp, sarcastic answers. Absorption in any case does not give anyone the right to be rude, impolite. And at work, and at home there are always those occasions when we are called away from the case. In order to get pleasure from work, only needs a little self-control.

Any business need to subordinate the point of view of the buyer. For him the business must be reliable and pleasant. No sell and no rudeness. Need to conduct special studies to determine approximate consumer demand. This is very important because, as you know, customers come only for those goods that they need.

The rule is: first you need to put the case, and then make it widely known. If the proposed goods and services will not make a favorable impression on buyers, advertising them is a waste of time. Advertising t – effective, but it won’t be able to get people to come where

the goods of unsatisfactory quality with sellers and unpleasant to communicate.

In such days as these, advertising is required, but it is not the first thing to do. The first thing to do is to ensure that your business deserves advertising. The goods must match their price, and all the people that come into contact with the public, need to be specially trained. To find new customers is half the battle. The second half is to save them

There’s an old saying: “Good products sell themselves. The truth is that to sell to any new subject requires the same amount of abilities and costs, how to pronounce it. People should be taught to buy it. First make the product and then make a market for it. Almost every new invention or service he told me “no” until such time as marketing and advertising is not convinced her to say Yes.

If not for marketing and sales agents, as well as the press, we would have had a low level of civilization development. Big business would not exist. The standard of living would be low. Instead of large factories, we would have little workshops. The market would only be local, as in the middle ages.

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