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For over ten years, the young Swiss entrepreneurs can benefit from the program, which aims to ease their way into the business world. Thanks to this support, they can quickly enter the market and avoid costly mistakes.

Imagine a small device, the size of a toaster, which is click the button and it immediately gives a warm tortilla: next year innovations can touch and cuisine. The author of this idea Carlo Ruiz (Carlo Ruiz) – a 20-year-old aspiring businessman. He is one of those who participated in the seminar on “Doing one’s own business”, which takes place in Boston. Its purpose is to establish business contacts in the United States.

“I expect the more I learn about cooperation and entrepreneurship on the East coast,” says Carlo Ruiz swissinfo.ch. He also wants to establish contact with the “right people”, to test the market and ensure future funding options.

As an option – independence

Courses in America organized a national training programme innovative high-tech startups “VentureLab”, launched in 2004. This program was created by order of the Swiss Federal Commission for technology and innovation. “People need to learn how to sell their brains and their innovations. Even if they are not brought to mind and should be adapted to the needs of the market”, – said the representative of the “VentureLab” Jordi Montserrat (Jordi Monserrat). “We help young businessmen to understand that independence can be a good career option.”

Potential entrepreneurs must learn to work under tight schedule, to take risks, to take responsibility and think on an international scale. “In Switzerland there are only eight million people, it is obvious that the market is limited. However, the company maintains its close connection with this country, for personal reasons or because of their ties with the academic world,” said H. Montserrat.

The Program “Venture Leader”

“Venture Leader” is one of the programs offered in St. Gallen Institute for young entrepreneurs (“IFJ”) potential and professional businessmen.

More than 100 start-up companies annually send their applications to participate in this program. 40 of them are invited to make a presentation before a panel of experts, and the top 20 are so-called “Swiss national start-UPS” (“Schweizer Startup-Nationalteam”).

During the 10-day educational trips to Boston chosen to present their projects to investors and industry experts.

In Boston they also meet many founders of startups, with whom to share experiences. Costs that are paid by the sponsors, approximately 10 000 Swiss francs for each participant.

Less is more

Arnaud Bertrand (Arnaud Bertrand, founder of the Internet platform for booking vacation rentals, is one of the most successful young entrepreneurs. He started in Lausanne with an initial capital of $ 60 million, then expanded the business to London and Portugal. It and is clear: through seed funding from private foundations, as well as coaching, he could focus on his business plan better than if one started from scratch.

“We decided to do less than originally planned. It has brought success”, – shares his experience A. Bertrand. “If we tried to do everything at once, it would be a mistake, because the resources to do this, we didn’t have”.

Though still the real experience of other people is not a substitute for coaching, considers A. Bertrand. “Of course, there are situations in which it is better not to go – and even better to know in advance, using someone else’s experience, how to avoid such moments. But on the other hand, the entrepreneur is a person who does not listen to what other people say. If we listened to others, we would not be businessmen.”

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