10The business — this is not an easy thing. To do business, you need to have a sharp mind, to have certain knowledge, and to possess such qualities as perseverance, patience and common sense. Business involves a lot of interesting stories.

In order not to drown in the stormy sea of the market economy, you need to have a modicum of luck and the ability to quickly navigate the situation. Those who are engaged in Forex trading, in the ratings on Forex. you may read them at any time. The business does not tolerate mistakes and sometimes can be extremely hard. According to statistics, for example, about 90% of restaurants go bankrupt within a few months after opening. According to the same statistics in the world every day, there are 33 new item, 13 of them toys. And about 65 lucky people every day are becoming millionaires. What is the most selling product, you know? The most sold product after gasoline is coffee. 80% of toys around the world made in China.

The main source of income «McDonald» no matter in what country it is in, it’s drinks.

A few interesting moments from the world of business. Pleasant smells we perceive products in stores, in most cases, not natural, used special flavors that encourage the buyer to do more shopping. This method is particularly effective for customers who forgot to eat it. The fast food outlets use their «secret weapon»: there-fast music that makes visitors very quickly to eat their portions and thereby release the space to other customers.

By the way, the first restaurant was opened in France in 1764. Interesting fact well-known cognac «Shustov» rather, Nikolay Shustov pushed it in Moscow pubs in the twentieth century. He hired young men who portrayed themselves as visitors to the Inns and ordered Shustov cognac. Not having received it (of course),the visitors began to row, thus expressing their dissatisfaction. This advertising campaign has prompted urgently need to buy cognac at Shustova avoid similar incidents in the future.

By the way, today the annual turnover of the global advertising market amounted to half a trillion dollars. The first advertising was established in 1477 in England. Advertised a prayer book.

By the way, the famous Chinese proverb says: «Who can not smile, can not trade in».

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