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Today I want to tell You interesting facts about the business. Did You know that in China (Nanjing city) there is a restaurant where you can safely remove stress, tension and depression. How? But just…You can beat any number of dishes, Troshchiev tables and chairs and yell long as You like – the main thing that You after that, it became easier

Interesting facts from the world of business:

1) on average, ATMs mistaken for 250$ a year, what is most interesting is not in their favor;

2) First, let Sony was a stove;

3) Daily, McDonald’s serves more than 46 million people;

4) have you noticed that on Wikipedia there is no advertising? People work for the benefit of humanity — for free ;

5) Interesting facts about mark Zuckerberg (founder of Facebook). Mark a very long time suffering from color blindness, it is very not distinguish all the shades of green and red. This is one of the main reasons why the main color of Facebook is blue. Zuckerberg confidently oriented in all the gamma blue color;

6) Incredibly, Steve jobs, mark Zuckerberg and bill gates – in my younger years were excluded from colleges ;

Cup of coffee a day saves women from problems with blood vessels!

7) Coffee is the second most common goods in the world, which comes after gasoline;

8) In the world every day creates 33 new products. 13 is a toy;

9) Daily 65 people become millionaires. Clap for them standing up! Well done guys!

10) According to statistics, almost 90% of the restaurants turns its work in the first year after its opening;

11) the Company “McDonald’s” gets a decent basic income, thanks to your drinks;

12) Interesting facts about Fast Food restaurants. Have you ever noticed that very often in Fast Food establishments plays pretty fast music? This planned move is done to ensure that visitors quickly ate their food and of course quickly left the school, thereby freeing up space for new clients;

13) In stores for children, the most interesting and expensive toys specially put on the bottom shelf so that the kids noticed them…Good move, isn’t it?

14) did You know that most of the shops uses artificial fragrances, specially to get their hands on as many visitors as possible. These odors are created by certain scents, which encourage people to buy something! This method is good for hungry people;

15) today, the Amazon website sells about 158 goods per second! Incredible success ;

16) did You know that Volkswagen owns Lamborghini, Bentley, Porsche, Audi? And it’s true!

17) Interesting facts about British hairdressers! These folks use the sperm of bulls as the best hair conditioner! Women — note this point ;

18) On the website Facebook hangs approximately 25 million accounts — it’s already dead people;

19) Billionaire bill gates earns every second around 250 $. And You weak?

Although usually meant to be drunk chilled Coke in Hong Kong, the drink is often served warmed — as a cure for colds. Cola is also sometimes treated amazed by the jellyfish sting the skin.

20) it’s Funny, but everyone knows the Rubik’s cube is the most traded commodity in the world! In second place, after the cube is iPhone;

21) Video “Gangnam Style” — this is the first masterpiece, which scored a billion views on youtube in a very short time ;

22) In 2010, the company “McDonald’s” fired approximately 155 people only for what they gave leftover food to vagrants and homeless;

23) every Second in the world drink about 8000 glasses of Coca-Cola;

24) the Famous singer Madonna has in their possession about 160 limousines worldwide.

25) The first novel, which was first printed on a typewriter is – “Tom Sawyer”.

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