6The game “Shark business”

Don’t know what it’s like to be a shark? You have the opportunity to see with their own eyes, and even to experience. Begin your career with the post office plankton. It’s the small fish that only eat their own kind and’m blowing the fins from office behemoths.

The code you will eat enough smaller fish, then go to the next level, and become the old man, and such an employee has more advantages, because it can have 2 types of fish – office plankton, and similar.

And these are the small steps you’ll climb the career ladder. Not easy, of course, but you know – every shark business was the way to become an important link in the office. Do not forget to collect bonuses. Thanks to them you can achieve a lot.

In the game with 2 bonus – cash portfolio and the newspaper in the bottle “Vedomosti”. The first bonus you will add one more life that will not start the game again, if your ward will be eaten by another bigger fish. And the second bonus will increase you in office.

How to play “Shark business”

After loading the game you will find yourself in the main menu. To start the game click “Start”, but first you must read the rules.

To control the fish use the mouse, it will follow the cursor. In order to eat the fish, just swim up close to her as much as possible and your ward will do a thing. In the beginning of the game you are given 3 lives, but beware, do not waste your life in vain, because at the right moment the next might not be of the bonus and the game will start.

The number of your remaining lives is displayed in the upper right-hand corner of the game screen. On the centre top is the sum of your points, they are given credit for each eaten fish.

Types of characters in the business environment

The game has quite a lot of species of fish, they appear as career growth of the fish. Usually on the plot can be all the fish that are younger than you, but only one senior.

More information on the types and extent of their growth:

Office plankton – the small fish in the office, she has everything. In this form, and you will start the game.

Old man – fish more, but also no special importance for the boss, very fussy, so they often run the risk of being eaten.

Tax – Arrogant, greedy and poisonous fish-ball. Beware of it being smaller. But when you grow up, don’t forget her lunch.

The top Manager is an important and peaceful fish, occasionally swims from side to side, but a small fish of absolutely no interest to her. Remorselessly towards eating anyone who gets in the mouth.

Oligarch should beware of this fish, even though the size of her, because without her guards with weapons it does not appear anywhere. It’s worth it to come all the fish in the pond disappears so quickly, and do not have time to notice. As a rule, the guards shoot everybody who is on the site.

Mega-tycoon – kit, the most important in this mega-Corporation. It is important and moves slowly across the expanse of the reservoir and not attach much importance to small employees.

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