0Positive thinking becomes chaotic, if it is not based on a clear understanding of the mechanisms of the business world. In other words, we can’t make the planet better, if you don’t know what is going on it.

Portal Inc.com offers a list of 10 books that should be read by every entrepreneur, as they reflect a true picture of the world of business.

Unfortunately, most of them not yet translated into Russian language, but successful entrepreneurs language should not be a barrier. In Russian translation can be found “the Dilbert Principle”, “Poorly made in China”, “Four hour workweek”, “the Peter Principle”.

10. “How to lie using statistics” (How to Lie With Statistics)

Has already become a classic book of Darrell Huff was first published in 1954 and tells the story of how businessmen, politicians and journalists use “truth” for the introduction of the company misleading. Try to read it very carefully.

Quote: “Effectively presents the statistics are more dangerous than the “big lie” of Hitler; it is misleading, and while no one is guilty of a crime”.

How could we not resist this fact, but in the world quite a lot of rogues, and, unfortunately, sometimes we have to work with them. Quite a dramatic title of the book gives it a certain tone. After reading it, you will learn how to cope with the villains and in the workplace.

Business culture tends to glorify the leaders of large corporations, treating them as gods among mere mortals. Author Stanley Bing in his book reveals the pathetic corporate side of Olympus: the extraordinary narcissism and mental health of all those who were able to climb to the top.

Quote: “After nearly 6,000 years, you can make one conclusion: the people who become leaders in any organization (large or small), most often the craziest people”.

5. “21 one dirty trick in the workplace” (21 Dirty Tricks at Work)

In this extremely interesting book, the authors Mike firs and Colin Guthrie talk about how bosses, colleagues and employees are trying to manipulate each other.

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